Inproperly operate SPilverlight with RIA Services and DomainDataSource

Dec 4, 2009 at 9:15 PM

Hi Rich,

After deployed Web Part {SPilverlight.wsp} in MOSS include sample SL 3 (Laurent Duveau's: BeersQuebec) application using following elements: Navigation Framework, Style and Theme, Data, Entity Framework, .NET RIA Services, DataGrid + DomainDataSource, Custom columns, DetailsRow Template, Sort, Filter, Group, Pagination, Activity Control, Export to Excel, OOB mode.
Presentation layer runing corectly, but data layer incoretly: not getting data from database for presenting in SL GridView.
Connection to the database is properly in web.config. I'm testing this outside MOSS.

In parallel include in MOSS <iFrame> standalone version this SL 3 application and ... running correctly.
Conclusion: Probably {SPilverlight.wsp} don't operate properly with <Silverligh.js> in communicate with database through RIA Services and DomainDataSource.
Any resolution for this problem?